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What is Korean Sasang Constitutional Medicine (SCM)?

SCM is an unique Korean medical theory which is created by Je-Ma Lee.
In SCM, human beings are classified into four constitutions.

Tai-yang, So-yang, Tai-eum, So-eum.

Tai-yang type people have strong lungs and weak livers.
So-yang type people have strong spleens and weak kidneys.
Tai-eum type people have strong livers and weak lungs.
So-eum type people have strong kidneys and weak spleen.

In the west, Hippocrates and Gallous? mentioned about four constitutional types which are later, Karl Gestapo Yung? studied about psychological characteristics, and many of them are same with SCM of Je-ma Lee.

(So-yang) type people are sociable, outgoing, easily excited, cheerful, and changable

(So-eum) type people are patient, lonely, doubtful, suspicious, jealous, subjective and conservative.

(Tai-yang) type people are brave, passionate, outgoing, honest, objective, impatient.

(Tai-eum) type people are stable, patient, relaxed and steady.

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